A Trusted Supplier of Split System Air Conditioners in Gawler

Air conditioning split systems in Gawler are possibly one of the most popular options considered when choosing a new system. These units are similar in their operation to any other heat exchanger types, but their application is usually one per room. Unlike the ducted systems, in which one central system feeds cool or warm air to every room in the house that has a duct.

How split systems work

Most split system installations are also reversible, meaning that they can deliver both cool and warm air when required. They are aptly named, due to the fact that the system is split into two major components. The compressor/heat exchanger unit will be located outdoors, and the distribution unit will be mounted on the inside wall. It is desirable to have the two units situated as closely together as possible in order to minimise any heat/cooling loss through lengthy pipe work.

Split systems are suitable for virtually any place and, despite the air having to travel through pipe work between the two units, they are often used remotely. Temperature loss through the pipe work can be minimised in such circumstances with the use of high efficiency insulation materials. 

Split systems are well suited to shops, offices, showrooms, and homes. These units are available in a wide range of outputs, and our team can easily fit them as multiple units in large commercial areas.

We supply a large range of air conditioning units at the most competitive prices in the area. Speak with our team before you make a purchasing decision. Call us on 08 8523 3000 concerning split systems and all types of heating or cooling.

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