Stay warm in the winter months with our incredible heating solutions in Gawler

Keeping our customers cool during the hot summer months is one side of our business, but during the cooler winter months, the situation is reversed. Many of the air conditioning systems we supply and install are designed to supply heat as well. Systems such as the ducted reverse cycle and split system configurations do this fairly well.

Heating options

Some of our customers prefer to use other forms of heating throughout the cooler months for a variety of reasons. Whether you don’t have an air conditioning system or would prefer a separate heating system for any other reason, our team can help. We have many heating solutions available, in a wide range of configurations, including electric heaters.

The simplest forms of heaters are gas and wood burning stoves or fires. Not only is heat generated from the burning materials, but the metal body of the appliance absorbs the heat and radiates it outwards into the cooler air of the room. Any smoke or gas fumes are removed, either through ducting or a flue. We offer a range of heating solutions at highly competitive prices and are fully licensed to install them in our customers’ homes and businesses. 

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