Amazing Breezair evaporative cooling systems from Gawler’s trusted suppliers

Breezair is the number one evaporative cooling system, designed and manufactured right here in Australia. This amazing piece of equipment has a wide range of outputs, and supplies continuous cool air by a system known as evaporative cooling. Unlike other systems, you don’t need to have all of your doors and windows shut tight whilst it is operating.

How the Breezair evaporative cooling works

This machine is extremely quiet, highly energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. It operates through a ducting system, but there is also a portable model available. Unlike inverter and reverse cycle systems, there are very few moving parts. Despite its basic design, the Breezair system is well controlled, using the very latest electronic technology.

In the simplest terms, it operates by drawing warm air through water soaked cells. This process causes evaporation which, in turn, causes the air to use up some of its heat energy. The upshot is that the air coming out of the system is then cooler than the air entering. A low speed inverter fan then pushes the cooled air through the ducts into the room. This cool air displaces the warm air, allowing homeowners and businesses to have open doors and windows whilst the system is operating.

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