Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning in Gawler

How reverse cycle air conditioners work

Reverse cycle air conditioning systems in Gawler (along with most other AC systems) are, in effect, a heat exchanger system. Air is heated as it is compressed by a pump, and this heat acts upon the refrigerant gas. When the system is reversed (reverse cycle) the opposite effect is created and the end product is warm rather than cool air.

With this type of unit, the warm or cool air generated at the outdoor compressor unit is fed to each area of the property, through ducts from a central unit that is usually situated in the roof space. 

These systems are ideal for both domestic and commercial installations, and can be custom-made to accommodate your space. Ducted reverse cycle systems may not be suitable for properties without roof and floor spaces, such as apartment buildings.

This Gawler home showcases our professionally installed reverse cycle air conditioning

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